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Corporate consulting

Here at Great Central Advisory, we strive to be more than just a one dimensional business service. We are highly skilled and wear many hats here. We like to offer our services in many forms, including in a consulting capacity. We provide consulting services for all of your needs including accounting, invoicing, payroll, contract management and legal compliance. We can come in and examine how your business is operating and offer advice on how to fix, manage, run and improve on what we see. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide valuable insight to our clients in the areas that we offer these consulting services in.


Our accounting consulting services are available for businesses that are looking for professionally qualified accountants to oversee their financial transactions and money flow.

We work closely with you to ensure that there are no mistakes or missed opportunities in the accounting process. We provide consulting services for all aspects of accounting including your company’s taxes. We use the latest technology and our highly qualified staff to keep you informed about what is happening with your company’s finances at all times.

Allow us to alleviate the time and aggravation that accounting tasks and tax preparation can cause. You can relax knowing everything will be handled correctly by using our accounting consulting service.


Every business has invoicing needs. Whether you work directly with clients or strictly business to business, chances are an invoice is involved with every transaction that takes place.

That is why we offer all of our clients our custom invoicing consulting services. We can handle everything that is involved with the process of creating and delivering invoices to all of your clients or companies that you work with.

Contract Management

We can negotiate, draft, manage, comply and oversee all aspects that are related to your company’s contract dealings. We can also handle issues that arise when existing contracts require alterations or when conflicts arise.

We specialize in commercial contracts and are able to manage individual client based contracts just as well. If you do any work that requires contracts to be agreed to and signed, you can pass on that work to us. We will be able to oversee and help your business with all of your contractual needs.

Legal Compliance

It is important for all businesses to operate within their legal limits. Operating outside of these limits may cause undesired penalties that could cripple your business.

Sometimes, it may be difficult for a company to keep up with and ensure that all of their operations are allowed by law. It is often a good idea for such companies to hire outside help to give them an unbiased perspective on all of their practices and operations.


If you employ a large staff, payroll management can be a nightmare. If you are new to payroll management, things can be just as challenging. We can work with you to provide the assistance and help that you need to properly manage your company’s payroll needs.

We work with companies of all sizes, small, medium and large. Many of our clients prefer to delegate their payroll work to us so they can save time and have the peace of mind that it is being handled correctly by our experienced team. Our consulting services give you the option to still handle these duties yourself, but with the guidance from people that know how to do it the right way. Save time and avoid payroll errors with Great Central Advisory payroll consulting services.