Contract Management Services

Contract management services provided by Swiss experts

Having a contract with customers, partners and employees can bring a lot of unforeseen costs during its lifetime. This is why we specialize us in the contract management process, to reduce your costs and achieve compliance. Hereby it is our duty to negotiate, provide support and manage all of your contracts.

We provide contract management for all industries, ranging from service and production companies to large scale construction projects, international trade and intellectual property agreements.

Our CMS solutions include:
  • Risk mitigation
  • Greater compliance
  • Relationship management
  • Improved business processes
  • Increasing savings, reducing costs
  • Invoicing, legalities and taxes
  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM)

Contract lifecycle management

A mutual understanding of the contract has to be insured for a successful business relationship. However complex agreements need require continuous changes and improvements. With CLM we manage the contract throughout its lifetime, ensuring that rights and obligations are respected and carried out according to the agreements. Changes can be necessary and requested by any member of the party, especially in complex situations and large scale corporate projects.

At Great Central Advisory it is our priority to provide and assist companies and individuals with all their contract management needs. Discover our solutions for independent contractors, employment agencies and corporate.

Individual Contractors

Maximize your take-home pay,
minimize the hassle.

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Employment Agencies

Focus on your business
Increasing satisfaction of contractors.

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