Contract management for employment agencies

Contract management services

Contract management for employment agencies

As an employment agency you can be overwhelmed with paperwork, spending many hours on administration. By partnering with Great Central Advisory, we manage all of your administrative paperwork, contracts and provide consulting. This way you can focus on your primary business task, recruiting personnel.

Create a partnership with Great Central Advisory

And increase the:

  • Number of contractors you can recruit.
  • Level of satisfaction you can offer the contractors you work with.
  • Number of contract signatures and renewals you receive.
  • Amount of time and energy you have available to put to other use.

One major benefit of a partnership with GCA is that our advisors are available to field the many questions your contract employees may have. This will decrease the amount of time you spend looking for answers for your contractors and will save you a great deal of time and energy. This service allows you to operate more efficiently in bringing in new recruits and allowing you to handle larger pools of new recruits without a decrease in contractor satisfaction.

Secondly you will increase the amount of contracts your can recruit, increase the level of satisfaction to the contractors you work with. You will also increase the number of signatures and renewals you receive. Finally you will have more time and energy available for other use.

Flexible contracting, increasing performance

We offer customized service packages for contract employees that can include assistance with contract negotiation, work permits and residency, as well as relocation, pension, insurance, payroll, business expenses, taxes, and more.

We work closely with employment agencies across Europe to help make the process of bringing on contract employees as smooth and seamless as possible. Speaking to our professional advisors helps to minimize any doubts contract employees may have about the contracting experience, leading to a higher rate of contract acceptance and contract renewals. This will not only go a long way towards easing your workload but also increasing contractor retention, leading to a happier end-client for your agency.

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