Employment Agencies

Frequently asked questions

What is a contract management company?

This is a specialist organization acting as an intermediary on behalf of contractors and agencies to manage contracts, payroll, invoicing and day-to-day activities with agencies.

What are the benefits for us as an agency?

Lower costs, improved customer service, greater customer retention and increased profitability.

What is your fee structure?

We work on a transparent, fixed fee basis. We agree our fee with you and your client from the outset and there are no hidden extras. Our fee structure is very competitive and there are no charges for early contract terminations.

Will contractors earn more by partnering with GCA?

Yes, we have in-depth local knowledge and many years of experience in tax, social security and contract management work which enables us to minimize a contractor’s outgoing expenses and maximize their take-home pay.

Can you help my contractors if they are working overseas?

Yes, our services and expertise are international. We will be able to help to make the experience as straightforward and tax efficient for you as possible, regardless of where you are based.

Do you deal only with long-term contractors?

No, GCA can help with your contract, tax and social security administration whether you place short-, medium- or long-term contractors.

Do you deal directly with the contractors we place?

Yes, we will work directly with the contractor to find the best solution to match his or her individual needs.

At what point should we refer clients to you?

As soon as you begin searching for a European contract or expatriate placement on behalf of a client they should contact us so they understand what’s required to establish themselves within a foreign country. The sooner they are registered, the sooner they can start work.

Can you advise us on points of law relating to European contracts?

Yes. We can provide advice on the implications of European taxes on the contracts you are negotiating in order to minimize deductions for your clients and ensure that the contracts you enter into are entirely legally compliant.

Can you help contractors secure a work permit or visa?

We have experienced local legal specialists who are well-versed in work permit requirements and application processes for all major European countries.

Do you offer pensions advice?

While this is not part of our standard tax planning service we can refer your contractors to our pensions partner to ensure they have the best advice for a suitable course of action.

Can you help with non-financial aspects of living and working abroad?

Yes. We are familiar with various aspects of moving and working abroad, such as housing and healthcare provision, and can provide advice if required.

How can we be sure we’re recommending a service that ensures compliance?

GCA adheres strictly to all local and international regulations. Our consultants have the right experience in local tax and contract law to ensure that all of our methodologies are up-to-date and legally compliant.

Do you use call centers?

No, every incoming call is taken by a friendly, Swiss-based GCA team member with the knowledge and expertise to field all enquiries appropriately.