Legal services

Streamline your legal side of business activities

In a world of fast growing industries and new emerging markets, speed and precision is of the essence. It's crucial to meet all required legal standards, being compliant and having a strategic approach. Great Central Advisory has legal experts and advisors all over the globe, we closely work together with organizations and institutions to ensure correct implementations of our legal services.

legal business services

Company formation

Whether you intend to form an onshore or offshore company, our experience and advice will streamline the entire process. We make sure you comply with all regulations, documents and laws.

International law

Providing you with all legal necessities and advices to operate in a certain region, either as a company or individual. At Great Central Advisory we operate in more than 42 countries.

Establishing trade

Simplifying and streamlining trade with your international business partners. Including cross-borden transactions, legal compliance, tax advice, immigration and more.

Tax Optimization and Advice

Tax advice

Great Central Advisory provides tax services for individuals, companies and organizations around the globe. These include assistance with tax return, tax for employees, handling undeclared income, help with paying taxes, business tax, inheritance tax and more.

Offshore services

Our offshore solutions are robust and specifically customized for your business needs. Consisting of, but not limited to: international business (re)structering, managing overseas operations, reorganisation of supply chains, offshore labour and costs, HR, accounting etc.

Litigation and mediation

Providing advice on dispute resolution and handling commercial contract claims. We assist you with various disputes and liablities, alleged fraud and professionel negligence. Do not hesitate to contact us to look into your issues.

Intellectual property

We help you to protect your valuable assets, dispute services, licensing and general IP consulting. Handling your commercial contract claims and professional negligence matters.

Immigration and employment

Immigration - We know and understand the importance and legal applications of moving people accross borders. This process includes work visas, residency permits, compliances, work premit applications, residency and citizenship applications and audits.

Hereby we provide a wide range of immigration related legal services, streamlining this process for you with our strategic approach. We ensure to meet all immigration laws and provide you with the latest law updates.

Employment - Whenever you expand your business and dive into new territories there will be a need for a reliable workforce. We work closely with you to reduce risks and enhance business growth. By implemting HR policies, complying to international employment laws and assisting with negotations.

No matter the scale of the operation, our internal and external experts are capable of handling and solving complex problems.

Offshore business solutions