Step-by-step Payroll guides

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Payroll step by step

Staff/end client

Once the end client has the most suitable candidate for the job/role, the agency or end client will contact GCA and share the contractor’s details.

We explain the solution

We consult with the contractor to explain the solution which would be most suitable to his situation.

We will answer any questions which he/she may have.

We will provide all explanations to show the contractor that all the requirements of contracting in the work country (compliance, legality and maximum retention) are met.

We will then prepare a calculation for the contractor to illustrate the final retention rate that he/she can expect from the contract.

We will inform the end client or agency when the contractor has accepted our offer and request the contract.

Once GCA’s legal staff and the contractor have reviewed the agency’s contract, it will be signed and a copy returned to the agency.

After received proof of the contractor’s work each month, typically a signed timesheet, GCA will invoice the appropriate party and pay the contractor for the duration of their contract.

Payroll for employees

Great Central Advisory will handle all tasks related to the payroll of your employees.

All the information obtained is confidential as we are bound to strict Swiss Commercial Confidentiality Law and the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Joining Process

  • End client provides all necessary information of employees.
  • A GCA representative will speak to new joiners to introduce GCA and walk them through the payroll process.
  • They will receive a follow up email and letter which will include important information regarding their setup.
  • GCA will deal with all queries and questions from here on.